The Art of Patience

Waiting is tough. Waiting is especially tough in a world which constantly blinks: instant gratification comes from news sites and social media and the stream of "news" is constantly updated, changing, and gone in a second. This idea shouldn't be new … [Read more]

Marketing is Hard – And It Is Your Fault

Marketing is hard. Marketing isn't hard because it is inherently complex or difficult to do. Marketing is hard because the world which we created makes it too easy to copy after what other people are doing. All you have to do is log on to Facebook or … [Read more]

The Astronomer Versus Astronaut Dilema

Ever wonder why so many kids dream of doing great things, like being a doctor curing cancer or a lawyer fighting for justice? I believe we're hard-wired for greatness, in some form or another. This means everyone can do great things. But the way you … [Read more]

Unexpected Awesome

God puts a whole host of unexpected awesome behind people who pray. Don't believe me? Don't have any idea what "unexpected awesome" means? Then I hope you read on and discover this truth gained from my own meandering experience. … [Read more]

Losing A Competition, to a Baby

Have you ever lost a competition to a baby? I'm not talking about a baby in the sense that your competitor is prone to whining. I'm talking about a baby who has yet to reach three years of life. While you may be superior to our younger brethren in … [Read more]

How to Overcome the Resistance

If you're engaged in any type of creative or meaningful work, you're bound to meet some form of resistance. It takes shape in many ways: people who sap your energy, or others who don't appreciate your craft. Perhaps you lack a clear sense of purpose … [Read more]