Introducing: The 1-Page Wedding Plan™

"How do I pay for a wedding with no money?" "Should I take out a wedding loan?" "What if I can't afford the average wedding cost? Will I still be able to get married?"

Imagine never having to ask yourself these questions. 

Imagine knowing exactly how to pull off the most beautiful, authentic, and memorable wedding at a fraction of the average wedding cost. You see, that number is NOT $35,000 like the big wedding planning companies will have you believe. 

The truth is, averages don’t matter when it comes to YOUR love, YOUR authentic financial situation, and YOUR perfect wedding plan. 

What matters is simple: Being true to yourselves. That’s why we’ve created an AIR-TIGHT wedding plan, impenetrable from the common mistakes couples make. And guaranteed to guard you from wedding FOMO and other budget pitfalls.

If you’ve found yourself on this page, you’re eager to get your hands on our breakthrough plan. You’re committed to never have to take a wedding loan. (Who wants to wake up on the first day of their marriage in debt?) You know there’s a way to side-step the insanity and come out a winner on your wedding day.

And you’re right. Honeyfund’s 1-Page Wedding Plan actually shows you how to have money in the bank on the first day of your marriage. You'll have emergency savings, so you never have to worry about money again (something 46% of millennials don’t have). You'll budget for your next big goal, like buying a house. And you'll have some leftover for travel adventures, so you can prioritize your love and time together. Whatever your financial goals, our plan ensures you have a perfectly YOU wedding and start your marriage strong. And that’s Honeyfund’s mission: To empower couples to be successful in love and marriage. 

Cheers to your perfect wedding and a successful marriage beyond!