Wedding Registry Etiquette for Couples

By Sara Margulis, CEO & Founder

Believe it or not, proper wedding registry etiquette is simple and easy to follow. Even with a nontraditional registry such as Honeyfund! Here are the key points.

1. Register for what you need as a couple.

Items for your shared home, experiences you will share together. These are the things that guests will want to give. Generally personal items like a new curling iron or electronic gadget do not make good wedding gifts.

2. Give guests lots of choices!

This means listing plenty of items at different price points ($10- $200, generally). See our Sample Registries for an array of choices and prices.

3. Do not mention your registry in your wedding invitation

I actually made this mistake as a bride (eek!) and put registry cards in with the invitation. The problem is, it implies you expect gifts. (More on gift etiquette, here.) The solution? A simple insert with the web address of your wedding website. Also, don't underestimate the power of good old-fashioned word of mouth. Immediate family and wedding party should know your registry preferences as they are the ones others will ask. More on wedding registry wording, here.

4. Don't skip the traditional registry

Now wait a minute, why would an alternative registry like Honeyfund advise you to have a traditional registry? Here's why: Guests from elder generations will appreciate it, and let's face it, your towels may be getting a big ragged. Just a small department store list will do the trick, in addition to your honeyfund, of course! It's always good form to have choices for those who prefer a physical gift.

5. If you prefer cash...

If you really just prefer money, most etiquette experts will tell you NOT to mention this to guests, rather wait to be asked. (More about asking for cash instead of gifts, here.) We have a better solution: Create a Honeyfund listing all the items you plan to spend the money on! You'll still get the cash, but you won't have to wait for guests to ask. You can link your honeyfund directly to your wedding website alongside your other registries.

6. Finally, receive every gift with grace and gratitude!

More on receiving gifts and sending thank you notes, here.

One more note: If you do choose a cash-based gift registry like Honeyfund, don't make guests pay a transaction fee. More and more cash gift sites are charging gift givers a handling fee ON TOP OF the fee the couple pays. Or giving couples the choice of who pays. We think this is a big mistake, and could even deter your guests from giving the gift at all. That's why Honeyfund offers free offline payment methods, as well as the lowest online credit card transaction fees available.

Now, go register with confidence! I know you'll be doing it properly.

More questions about wedding registry etiquette? Check out Etiquette FAQs, How to Ask for Cash Instead of Gifts, Wedding Registry Wording, Wedding Gift Etiquette for Guests, or ping me on Twitter @saramarg.