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Robert & Kili

Raised $5,300 to go to Mediterranean Cruise!

"We were able to pay for our vacation in full including excursions for every port city. " Robert & Kili

What we did with our Honeyfund:

With the extra money we were able to pay for our vacation in full and attend excursions for every port city. Additionally, upon our return we were able to buy some furniture for our house and replenish diminished savings.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry:

It was the perfect option for receiving gifts that we needed and could really use. Kili is from California and I am from Washington, DC. Because of Honeyfund our guests didn't have to lug gifts cross-country or worry about shipping. We didn't have to make one return or worry about lost gift receipts.

What our guests thought:

Our guests were rather open to the concept of a honeymoon registry. Most had never heard of such a thing, but they quickly caught on to the concept. I believe many of our guests chose gifts that they wanted to experience or that fit their taste, just as if they were shopping in a department store.

Why we liked Honeyfund:

We chose Honeyfund because of the flexibility it offered our guests. About half used the PayPal option and the rest printed their Honeyfund certificate and included it with their wedding cards. In researching Honeyfund, I immediately felt our guests would be comfortable and safe using the site. Honeyfund also provided the most help and advice in terms of the proper etiquette that should be used for requesting such gifts. We loved the ability to update and add gifts at a moment's notice. The sample registries were extremely helpful, especially since we hadn't received our itinerary and excursion packet from our cruise line when we set up our Honeyfund. I also like the personalized correspondence with Honeyfund.com. When I had questions they were immediately answered with genuine concern and a personal touch.