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Denise & Andy

Raised $3,500 to go to Cook Islands & Fiji!

"I wish all businesses were this awesome. Did I mention that it doesn" Denise & Andy

What we did with our Honeyfund:

We planned a three-week, activity-intense honeymoon, staying at nice places. We knew it would be pricey, and without a honeymoon registry we would be tempted to skimp on things. We wanted an awesome honeymoon and that's exactly what we had.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry:

We had recently moved in together and consolidated two households into one. We didn't need or want any more stuff, but we were dead-set on an awesome honeymoon that we would remember forever.

What our guests thought:

They loved it. Their response was overwhelmingly positive and they enjoyed reading about what we planned to do on our honeymoon