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Kate & Dan

Raised $6,000 to go to Japan!

"We couldn't afford this honeymoon otherwise!" Kate & Dan

What we did with our Honeyfund:

Because we were being treated, we could stay at nice hotels, eat at nice restaurants, and we didn't have to worry about stretching every dollar.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry:

We couldn't afford this honeymoon otherwise!

What our guests thought:

Most people loved the idea because they're giving a memory which we can share with them later.

Why we liked Honeyfund:

We considered using a travel agency, but they took a percentage, plus we would have to contact them every time we had to change our plans. Honeyfund let us keep all the money and make whatever changes we wanted, whenever we wanted. Our favorite part is that it actually helped us plan out our trip. We used our Honeyfund list as our itinerary. We'd take it out whenever we had a meal and we'd say "Mr. and Mrs. So and So bought us this." We are VERY appreciative for this great site. We're telling everyone we know about it!