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Karli & McKell

Raised $3,500 to go to Kauai!

"We paid for the whole trip" Karli & McKell

What we did with our Honeyfund:

We paid for the whole trip—the fancy hotel, the helicopter rides, and scuba and windsurfing lessons.

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry:

We didn't want or need any more stuff. Ideally, we didn't want gifts at all, but people seemed to really want to give gifts, so we signed up for a honeymoon registry.

What our guests thought:

Our guests reacted very positively.

Why we liked Honeyfund.com:

We chose Honeyfund over other honeymoon services because it didn’t charge fees or limit us to using a website travel agency, which seemed to be the case for other honeymoon registry websites. We liked that it gave us a lot of freedom to not only pick exactly what we wanted but also to express it creatively on the website. It let our personalities come through. Thanks for the great service.