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Anne & Mike

Raised $5,812 to go to Around the world!

"We wanted to get our family and friends involved in planning this exciting journey." Anne & Mike

What we did with our Honeyfund:

We used Honeyfund to help us take a 23-month honeymoon around the world, our HoneyTrek!

Our reason for using a honeymoon registry:

We thought a ten-day honeymoon by the hotel pool wasn't nearly enough to celebrate a new life together.

A 675-day honeymoon around the world was a big undertaking and we needed all the help we could get; plus, we wanted to get our family and friends involved in planning this exciting journey. We love that honeymoon registries promote life experiences over material goods.

What our guests thought:

Though we did have a small traditional registry, the vast majority of our guests opted for our Honeyfund. Apparently people were more excited to give a scuba-diving trip than a nesting Tupperware set. Guests not only used our Honeyfund to fulfill our travel dreams but their own by selecting experiences they'd always wanted or by suggesting favorite places they'd been. We sent thank you postcard from gift-givers destination of choice and they were all thrilled to see their monetary gifts come to life.

Why we liked Honeyfund:

Honeyfund was a major catalyst to mobilize a trip of a lifetime. Travel is one of the greatest bonding experiences a couple could ever have together and we hope more newlyweds use it to get out there and explore this amazing world!